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Dec 17, 2020

Several months ago, we spoke with two Anne Arundel County pastors, Jon Brewer of Lake Shore Baptist Church and Dennis Gray of Riva Trace Baptist Church, about pastoring and respecting governing authorities during the rapidly changing and often confusing challenges presented by...

Dec 2, 2020

We are often asked, "Why should I want to affiliate with the SBC?" While there are countless advantages and disadvantages of affiliating with a denomination, Dr. Kevin Smith provides some of the reasons that he is personally committed to the Southern Baptist Convention. 

Nov 11, 2020

Listen in as Pastor Brian Moss discusses depression and anxiety in pastors and some ways in which pastors can seek help and healing from mental health issues. 

Oct 28, 2020

Listen in as Dr. Smith speaks with Bart Barber of FBC Farmersville in Texas. Pastor Barber has served in various capacities in the Southern Baptist Convention and provides us with an even-keeled perspective on the SBC.

Oct 14, 2020

We have seen vocational diversity in the Church from the New Testament era to our modern day. Having brothers and sisters serving in various fields of influence enables us to gain valuable insights and have a distinctly Christian all different walks of life. Listen in as Dr. Smith and attorney Kathryn Freeman...